I Took 4 Grams Of Cocaine At A Party Last Night. Can Anyone Tell Me Exactly How Long It Will Take For The 4 Grams Of Cocaine To Leave My System Please As I Am Due A Drugs Test Soon And If I Fail I Will Go To Jail?


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Generally speaking, cocaine will be detectable in a standard drug test for 72-84 hours. As Handy mentions, hair test much longer. Possibly years.

Having been a cocaine addict I seriously recommend staying away from it. Addiction isn't pretty. It effects your life negatively. Your job, your significant other, your family, your children and of course your finances will suffer.

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No one can tell you exactly how long will take but usually cocaine get out of metabolic system (blood) fast ... Up to week (little more time for person with slow metabolism, low physical activity, etc..) So better run a home drug test , some pharmacy have single panel coc urine test or you can buy any 5 or more panels test . Approximately detection time for urine test is  48-72 hours after single use/longer for frequent or heavy use/. Standard for hair test is 90 days (+ 5-10 days for person with slow growing up rate / up to 1 year if they test body hair ).
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The real question is, why are you doing drugs at all if you know you are going to be tested and you could go back to jail. Please excuse my response but take some real responsibilty for your actions. This is like burning yourself , them after knowing it really hurt, you just dio it again,,,on purpose. Get a grip... Smarten up.
In my opinion, the coke will las a while in you. It depends on the type of test that is done. If the chekc hair,,you are screwed if your test is in the next 6 months...
Listen, stupid never got  anyone anywhere except into more trouble.
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4 grams tells me you've done this before. Go to the nearest AA clubroom for help. I used to be in the same boat as you. I've been sober for 2 years.

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