Will Reheating Urine In The Microwave Oven Effect A Drug Test?


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I believe so! I took one on the 9th of march and have yet to her from the company..keep in mind the job starts on the 23rd! I also think I failed because I got the clean sample and just lefted it sitting on the counter over night...I heat it up twice in the microwave because it was too hot at first then I placed it in the freezer where it got to cold then I used the microwave again... I would not suggest this! I froze the second sample I collected I will defrost it with hot water this time so it can get to the temp drug testers look for (91-99degrees), and store it next to my body! I hope this work this time!!! I've seen this on so many site that this is the correct way to do it so I believe it will work

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