How to mask Xanax to be able to pass a drug test?


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Loni Lenard answered
Urine, hair, saliva,etc.. Test?
Check online or at your local head shop for "Detox" solutions.
Also I will recommend you this website (follow the links for hair or saliva) also call them, they can help you.
Also Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Serax,etc) is additional drug class.
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tonia hewett answered
Get some golden seal, take it for a few days to detox your system. 24 hrs before the test, don't eat anything a drink a gallon of water. Drink about four more glasses when you go into take the test, and do it mid stream (pee in the toilet first, then fill the cup, then finish in the toilet). You're urine will be pure water, but it will be at body temp. So there's nothing they can do but pass you.
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Meta Forrest answered
With todays modern technology, nothing can be taken to mask any drug these days . 

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