Can Smoking kush cause a false Positive drug test?


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Any drugs you take or smoke can show a positive test result. I doubt very much if the positive result could be false, as if this was to happen then there would be too much controversy. If a test is positive then positive it is.

You may get a negative result if you have only smoked a small amount and you stopped smoking a while before the test. If you are a regular smoker of Kush then you will get a positive result as it is well and truly in your system.

Some job applications will require you to do a test to prove you do not take drugs, the only way to guarantee that you will get a negative result is to stop smoking any drugs altogether and in my opinion a good 24 to 48 hours before the test is due, but this could differ depending what kind of test it is.

There are several ways of testing someone to see if they have been taking drugs, these are:

  • Urine
The tester splits the urine into two samples, if the first is tested positive then the second will also be tested as a back up.

  • Blood
This is the most accurate form of testing, although as special equipment is required it is also the most cost effective.

  • Hair
This way of testing is more common with drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin and amphetamines.

  • Oral fluid - Saliva
This test is one of the more inexpensive ways of testing. It is also extremely easy to use. A small swab wiped around the inside of the mouth.

The results are 100% accurate providing they are performed correctly.

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