How To Pass A Drug Test In 24 Hours?


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It is possible to pass a test for marijuana in 24 hours if the method of testing is analysis of your urine.

The urine test looks for a substance called metabolite which flows through your blood after you have been smoking marijuana. The standard amount to test as a positive is 50 nanograms/ml .

The way to beat to test is to dilute your urine to the extent that the metabolite is under 50. This is more complicated than simply drinking a lot of water though. Drink litres and litres of it and your urine will appear abnormal. The tester will assume you've been drinking too much water on purpose. Also, if the test outcome is too diluted, the marijuana test will show positive.

The answer is to drink 35 per cent water and 65 per cent Gatorade. The day before you have your urine drug test eat a light breakfast and lunch, drink several glasses of water. On the test day you don't eat anything before taking the test and then about four hours before it’s due to take place, drink three or four glasses of Gatorade and a couple of glasses of water.

At the time of taking your drug test, first urinate into the toilet, then fill up the test container. Most of the waste material is in the first and last part of the stream to finish back in the toilet.
If your test is too diluted then tell them you did some active sports that made you drink a lot of water the other day.
Don't take any B-complex vitamins by the way. They colour your urine a bright yellow which will look suspicious when taking the test.
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Today, over 80% of all employers require employees to take a drug test. There are four different types of test used but by far the most prevalent is the urine test.  The easiest way to pass the urine test is of course not to ingest the substances being tested for.

However, if someone feels they must pass a drug test knowing the consequences may be the loss of employment or the breaking of the law in some states, these steps may help.

  • Do not try to artificially change the urine sample. This is referred to as spiking or masking urine with nitrates to fool testing devices. Current tests can detect the presence of Klear, Urine Luck, Mary Jane Super Clean 14, Urinaid, Clean-X, Terminator Gold, Golden Seal and Stealth.
  • Dilute the sample? Diluting a urine sample lowers the specific gravity and creatinine levels thereby reducing the drug metabolites in the test urine. However, make sure the fluid is warm because the temperature of the sample will be recorded. Some companies now only allow testing in bathrooms with no sinks and a tinted water supply.
  • “Flushing” or internal dilution.  One can flush a great many toxins and telltale signs from the urine by drinking a large amount of water. One method is to increase water consumption by taking down 32 ounces of water as quickly as possible every hour on the day before the test. The risks here are death by water intoxication (rare but possible), and that colorless urine is flagged and lower level tests are run. These lower level tests are referred to as a Confirmation Test as opposed to the Standard Test.
  • Using substitution urine in the sample. This can be accomplished by swapping with another person’s urine or by using a synthetic powder or liquid. This generally come with an offset temperature gauge and is delivered by a device. The liquid premix does not usually have the oxygenating bubbles of normal urine but the powder does create this effect. The artificial urine at this time has been shown to pass all employment tests.
  • Test another person’s urine with reagent strips found at local drugstores before trying to use it to pass a drug test.  Use it within 48 hours of obtaining the sample or it may darken and begin to grow bacteria.
To pass a drug test if you are a regular user is very difficult. The chances of being thwarted or detected are great, so weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully before proceeding with one of the described methods.
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Can I pass a drug test if I did coke on sat, and I have to take the test on wed
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Not much you can do. There is no 100% guaranteed way to pass if you're dirty.

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