How to pass hair folical test for cocaine?


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Arthur Wright answered
You don't as traces will show for at least 6 months here
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Loni Lenard answered
Very good hair cortex cleaner, don't spend money for masking products . Look for it online, at the head shops, GNC, etc..
I recommend this company, they help me to pass for thc 
Also standard hair follicle screen require approx 50 - 90 strands that are about 1.5 inches in length and covers a period of approximately 90 days (each 0.5 inches = 30 days). Shaving is not a option , hair can be collected from several body locations but the growth rates for body hair are slower than the hair from the head. Detection period is for up to 1 year ( most body hair is replaced in about 1 year).

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