How Can I Pass Cocaine Drug Test In 3 Days?


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armedia williams Profile
Passing a cocaine test is determined specifically by the criteria you fall under
1. How much and how often do you use
2. The quality of the drug
3 your weight and when you last used
4 how much water do you drink and have drank to is very important b/c the more you urinate (but only if you've ceased using completely) helps to clean out your system.
However, if you are a daily user/quantity included, chances are you won't be clean, you can try those detox/concealer products but they don;t always work.  
So it boils down to how honest do you want to be with self and or others or does the benefit out weigh the means.  And that depends on if the you/a is going to be monitored and whether or not you are a man or woman.
I don't incourage diception b/c the after the fact the hardest person to face is the man in the mirror.  But when your back is against a wall for a woman there are ways to get around certain situations.

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