If I Smoke Weed, Will It Show Up In A Mouth Swab 3 Days Afterwards, Even Though I Haven't Smoked For 5 Months?


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Marijuana has the potential to be detected in saliva for anything between one to ten days after the last time it was used, although this may change if it is consumed heavily.

You haven't smoked for five months, so therefore it is much less likely that marijuana could be detected in your saliva for the maximum of ten days.

However, there is still a risk - as everybody has a different rate of metabolism. It depends on how quickly your body naturally rids itself of THC.

How long will weed show up on a mouth swab test?
  • As stated above, traces of THC (the chemical in marijuana that gets you "high") can be detected in the saliva for anything up to ten days.
  • If you are being urine tested and you are a heavy user, then THC can be detected for over a month in a urine screening.
  • In hair follicle testing, HTC can be found in the urine for up to four months after the last usage!
  • For blood tests, it can normally only be detected for two days afterwards.
  • Fingernail tests - which are only rarely used - can find traces of THC for up to three months after the last use.
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It's most likely it won't show up. Oral swab testing can only detect drugs up to 48 hours after use. It is not as accurate as urine testing.
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I passed, 3 days after light exercise and lots of fluids. I was a heavy smoker for 2 years and a few breaks here and there. I can't believe I passed!

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