I Have Been Clean From THC For 6 Weeks. What Are The Odds Of Passing A Hair Drug Test?


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I have had to take hair follicle test before and it doesnt matter when the last time was you done any kind of drug, pain pill, xanex or anything like that. They can tell by your hair the very last time you done anything and it doesnt matter if it was 5 years ago. Some places cut your hair for the test & some places pull it from the root. If they cut it then you can go to a place that sells things to wash your hair to get it out & trust me it works because I past mine that way. Make sure you get the best hair stuff they have and follow the directions on the box. I had to wash my hair an hour before the test and it only keeps your hair clean for a hour or so. If you go to a place where they pull your hair from the root the hair stuff will not work because you can't wash your roots. Good luck!
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How short is your hair?
Anything more than 1/2 inch will probably show drugs, if in fact Marijuana can be found from a hair test.
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MJ can be found from a hair test. The longer your hair the farther back they can go to find out how long you have been using. I believe there are shampoos you can get but I don't know if they actually work.

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