Will Marijuana Show Up On An EEG Test?


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No, marijuana cannot be detected by an electroencephalography (EEG) test.

This is because EEG tests monitor the fluctuations of electrical signals within the brain - and marijuana does not alter these signals enough to be detected.

Marijuana EEG
  • Usually an EEG test will last between twenty and forty minutes, during which time the subject will have multiple electrodes placed on their scalp.
  • EEG tests are not used to detect the presence of drugs in the body, but are undertaken to diagnose epilepsy, comas, encephalopathies and brain death.
  • The tests have also been used, (although less frequently these days) to diagnose tumors, strokes and other serious brain disorders.
  • The advent of MRI and CT scanning has limited the use of EEG tests in modern medicine, although they still remain a useful tool for some diagnoses.
  • Typically, EEGs are not used to test the presence of illegal drugs in a person's body. The standard tests that are usually used to do this monitor the urine, blood, saliva or hair.

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