Oxycodone 90 Day Hair Testing, How Is Results Read?


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It's my understanding that if you are given the standard 5-panel hair follicle test, it will not show up because the only opiates tested for are codeine, morphine, and heroin. In order to see oxycodone or hydrocodone or other semi-synthetic opioids, an extended opiates test must be ordered. Unless abuse of opiates is initially suspected, it is not likely you will be given this test. is an example of one of the laboratories that the hair is sent to directly from the collection site. Click on Products/Services, Drug Testing Services, and then click to see available panels to open the pdf file.  It says plain and clear in the chart that only the etended opiates test (which costs even more money, money the government or employers would rather not spend) will prove useage of these prescription drugs. I've researched other labs and found the same, that an additional test must be given in order to detect oxycodone or hydrocodone.

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