How Long Before Opiates Show Up On An Extended Opiate Test?


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Normally all types of opiates (such as codeine, morphine, heroin, oxycodone, vicodin) should appear on any form of drug screening almost immediately after they have been taken.

The problem when it comes to taking a drug test is how long these substances stay in your system before the body rids itself of them.

Extended opiates
  • There are many different forms of drug testing which can all detect opiate use in a subject. The most commonly used method of testing is the urine test. This method is accurate, cost effective and simple. Using this method, technicians can detect traces of opiates about two to four days after they were last taken.
  • Opiates can also be detected using blood tests, although this method is not used as much as urine screenings. Blood tests can detect opiate usage for about twelve hours after they were last used.
  • For mouth swab tests, the presence of opiates in saliva can be traced for anything between one to four days after an opiate was taken.
  • Hair follicle testing is the method which is used to detect drug use for the longest period of time after opiates were first consumed. This type of screening can find opiate traces up to about three months after the last usage.
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Opiates stay in the system 3 days. If you are a frequent user, opiates can be detectable for 5-7 days. It takes 3-4 hours after use to be detectable in your system.
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They would show up immediately on a test. If you mean how long will they be detectable, that depends on what type, how much  was consumed, and the person.

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