Does Niacin Flush Narcotics Out Of Your System For A Drug Test?


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Yes it helps your body detox faster than normal.  My boyfriend passed in 24 hours by taking Niacin.  And he was taking Methadone and it can stay in your system up to seven days in your liver.  So yeah it definatley careful taking to much Niacin bc you can overdose even though it is a Vitamin.
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Well what ever the drug, niacin is not good for you, but niacin, what it does is eats up fat, the drug is in the fat, thats where the drugs hides, niacin eats it up, so it does work, but if you take to many you can overdoes on them so be careful , and if you do take them drink lots of water. Do not take them right before a drug test you'll fail, you need a day or two to flush it all out. Good luck
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Does Niacin work on meth and how long does it take
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Niacin does work for some people but not all.
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It is doubtful that Niacin will flush narcotics out of your system. There really is no medication out there that will completely eliminate drugs from the body. Nonetheless, even when the narcotics have left the system, they can still do test on hair and tell if you have done drugs in the past 6 months to a year.

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