How Long After Smoking Crack Cocaine Can I Pass Urine Test?


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Crack cocaine stays in the system 3-5 days in a 1 time or occasional user. (Average length of time is 72 hours.) In daily users, it can take up to a month to clear the system.
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FYI, I t doesn't matter what form of cocaine it is.  B/C it's still the same substance base. However, for the purposes of taking a you/a and it being negative depends soley on certain factors: frequently do you use it
2. It's quality
3. Your weight, yes your weight
4.when you began detoxing it is absolutely imperative that you drink plenty of water daily to flush your kidneys and if possible try to obtain the antibiotic "Ampicillin 500mg and start taking them around the 4th or 5th day.
If your being tested through blood sample or hair there is a possibility it will show up long after you've stopped  simply b/c drugs can remain in your fatty tissue for up to six months and hair samples will show any and every drug used w/o question for six months or more
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If you are an occasional user, it will be out of your system in 3 days. Just take the urine test as you normally would and be honest with your p.o. That it might be dirty. If the urine comes back positive & you didn't tell him/her, you'll be violated for sure.
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How long does it take to test negative after smoking crack for 3 months on a daily basis?
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If  I  take one hit  of crack smoke on a  saturday   an  I  get  tested  on monday   will  it  be  in  my  urine
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If you consume a lot of water, and I mean a few gallons over a few days, you may pass the test, but usually will stay in your system for about a week. I would avoid the use of any drugs if possible and if you have an addiction problem I pray you get the proper help to get of it. Best of luck to you
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Although this is true, the consumption of large amounts of water will dilute your urine. I am a Drug Court Case Manager, and in our program dilute urine is considered a positive test. Dilution happens intentionally and is done to hide something. So depending on the policy of the testing agency, drinking large amounts of water will not help you. The only true answer is to stop using.
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Bad news here. With our modern day drug analysis testing methods any drug can be detected for up to 6 months after usage no matter what you do

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