Can Nitrous Oxide Show Up In A Drug Test?


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No, nitrous oxide will not show up on a drugs test.

In a standard urine test, the substance will not be flagged-up, nor should it be detected in any extended drug test, unless it is specifically being searched for.

This is because the body naturally discards nitrous oxide from the blood quickly - via the lungs - after it is inhaled.

Will nitrous oxide show up in a drug test?
  • Standard and extended drugs tests do not actively look for the presence of nitrous oxide in the body.
  • Nitrous oxide is not chemically-similar to any of the other drugs which are usually tested for, and therefore it should not produce any erratic results or trigger the test as another substance.
  • The US military, which carries out more extensive drug testing programs, do not test for the presence of nitrous oxide in the body.
  • Nitrous oxide is usually taken as a "laughing gas" - due to the effect it creates when it's inhaled.
  • The substance's effects do not last for very long, and neither do the traces of it in the body, as it is quickly expelled through the lungs.
  • Nitrous oxide is also used as an oxidizer in rocket motors and motor racing to increase the performance and power output of engines.

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