Does the drug/supplement "bath salt' show up on a drug test?


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According to research the drug you are referring to is not detected in a drug test. It may be important for you to understand the intentions of one of these medical tests.

  • What is the aim of a drug test?
Drug tests are carried out in order to detect if a recent substance has been used by an individual. As identified above there are some drugs that are not detected in these tests, however there are five groups that are looked for when this procedure is carried out. They consist of opiates, cocaine, phencyclidine, cannabinoids and amphetamines.

  • Methods of drug testing: Urine
This is one of the more common methods of drug testing. The procedure consists of taking a urine sample and placing a test card in the substance to identify if any drugs have been taken. The test card will be taken off to a laboratory and examined over to determine the results.

  • Oral
This is a relatively quick and easy process to obtain a substance to test for drug use. A swab of saliva is taken from the lower side of one of the cheeks positioned in the middle and below the gum. The piece of equipment is shaped like a toothbrush with a pad on the end and should hold in position for about 2 minutes. Once the sample is taken, then it will take a few minutes for the results to become clear.

  • Hair
Testing hair for drug use is very reliable because it can detect a drug substance that has been in an individual's system for up to 3 months. A section of hair, which should be about one and a half inches in length, will be taken from the scalp and sent over to a laboratory to carry out the relevant tests.
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Well, you're not planning on drinking it, are you?  Shouldn't make any difference one way or the other

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