If I Smoke A Gram Of Pot A Day How Long Will It Take To Be Out Of Your System?


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My story-
I am on probation (for possesion of pot) and I get monthly drug screenings (piss test)
Here's how I deal with it- I had to take my first test on the 5th of January. I didn't smoke for 30 days prior to that and I passed.
Once I tested clean I ran home twisted a fat blunt and smoked. Then for the next 30 days (until my next Piss test) I didn't smoke. I bought some cranberry juice and I I drank a glass or 2 a day.
Then as the days rolled on I found my self getting closer to Feb 5th. (the day of my piss test, the next greenday) so I walked in pissed and BOOM! I passed.
Then I ran home and twisted a fatty boo Batty and got smacked. But february is a short ass month so today I'm going to chug a gallon of cranberry juice and water and pee a lot.
Then tomorrow ill drink lots and lots of water. And pee a lot.
I will pass my next test.
I hope

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