How Long Does Shabu Stay In Our System?


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Shabu can stay in your system for up to five days. However, through technology such as hair testing kits, shabu can be detected for up to 90 days after the last use of the drug.

  • What is shabu?
Shabu is a methamphetamine drug and acts as a stimulant once inside the body. Shabu goes by a number of names, including chalk, crank, crystal, glass, ice, meth and speed.

  • What are the effects of taking shabu?
The effects of shabu on the body depend how much shabu is taken, and how much time has passed since the last use of shabu. However, as a general rule, users of shabu can expect a number of different effects. In the short term, users will feel more alert and awake in general - they may talk or move their bodies more than usual, breathe heavily or quickly, and become more sexually aroused. Shabu also acts to repress the appetite, so users may not eat or feel hungry for five hours or more.

  • What are the risks of using shabu?
Although users take shabu to feel the "rush" in the short term, the long term effects of shabu can be fatal. These include hallucinations, insomnia, paranoia and weight loss, as well as more disturbing effects such as excessive violence, self harm or suicidal tendencies, heart problems and even stroke. In addition, many users of shabu fail to recognize "normal" social activities or interests, such as interaction with others, washing or keeping clean, and sexual activity.

  • How is shabu used?
Shabu can be used in a number of ways. Shabu can be injected, as the powder form of shabu can be dissolved in water. It can also be snorted or smoked. Shabu can also be ingested, for example, it can be mixed with water or (as in many cases) alcohol and consumed.
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Detectable traces of any drug can last for up to 6 months after last usage but only a couple weeks for a UA but examiners check for carry in bottles and tests can actually tell the age of the urine so don't test them as the consequences are more severe if caught
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We need help. My cousin is now suffering from hallucinations and paranoia. He said he took shabu thrice last month while drinking alcohol.. He is not addicted. That was his first and last. That time when they drank and took shabu, he collapsed and was driven to the hospital. Our family didnt know it until now. He often talks to himself and wont be able to sleep. We took him to a psychiatrist and he gave him pills to help him sleep. But i think it is not enough.

Is it just normal for him to experience this? What else can we do aside from taking him to a psych?

If it is just an effect, how long will it last?

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