I Have To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test In The Morning. I Purchased Detoxify Mega Clean, What's The Best Way To Use This Product?


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Not sure about that product specifically, but I believe a good way to pass is drink plenty of water 1-2 hours before the test, and a vitamin b tablet (for colour). When you start the test piss in the dunny for the first part of your piss then the "middle section" into a cup, and the "end" back in the crapper. I would imagine that Mega Clean could/would be used several hours before the test... Hope this helps
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Is that a laxative? That won't work...Marijuana is traced through urine and blood I believe. It lasts for a while.
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Mega Clean is an herbal cleanser for your system
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I doubt it. I have yet to see any meaningful effects of products like that.

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