How Do They Test Newborns For Drugs In Hospital?


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They take the newborn to the nursery, tape a little bag to his leg to collect his urine. In some hospitals they test the mecobian (whatever that word is - baby's first stool) which can detect maternal drug use for the previous 5 months.
In my case, I came up dirty, the baby came up clean.  If the baby is dirty, they take him to foster care. If the baby is clean, you will have to have a 'safety' person. Someone that can pass a drug test and be with you and the baby 24 hours a day. You will not be allowed to be alone with the baby for even 5 min.  If there is no 'safety' person, the baby will go immediately to foster care.
They will then test you for months afterwards randomly and put you into a rehab program.
You'll be introduced to the 'cure' for this disease which is AA or NA and a sponser.
Clean up as quick as you can. If it's weed, 60% come out in feces. If it's something else, clean your urine.
Do you know what it's like to not be able to leave the house with your baby, or have someone constantly having to monitor everything you do with him/her?
Clean up, don't risk it. I got the help I needed and I am grateful. But now I'm ready to move on, away from the human resources dept.
I hope this helps.
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P.S. You will have to have a 'safety' person for all of your children and your spouse will have to go through the program with you, unless he passes the drug test, then he can be the safety person, but someone will have to be with you and the baby if he has to leave to go to work.
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As far as I know they do blood work, they usually do a prick on the big toe, it bleeds and they collect the blood from that.

Thats my understanding.

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