After Sniffing Jungle Juice, How Long Do They Remain In The System? Are They Detectable In A Urine Drug Test?


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If the Jungle Juice that you are referring to is the most common term of the word, a mix of liquors in a punch that is shared by a group, it is very unlikely that it will remain in your system for very long or that it would be detectable in a urine drug test. While alcohol is detected in urine, it is something that is unlikely to affect the results of a drug test because that is not what is being looked for. If there are extremely high levels of alcohol in urine then the tester may mention it, but it is not something that would cause a person to fail.

Most Jungle Juices contain large quantities of hard alcohol that are mixed with a variety of fruit juices. A classic example would be the combination of tequila, rum, gin and Everclear mixed with orange, grape, grapefruit, apple and pineapple. More juice will be added to make the alcohol stretch further and often the punch is filled with chopped up fruit, such as watermelons or pineapples. When made in extremely large batches, the mixture may be placed in a large container, like a garbage can, and topped up with water to the desired strength.

Different varieties of Jungle Juice have different names depending on the ingredients it contains. For example, a gin based Jungle Juice might be called a Gin Bucket and one that contains Kool-Aid is often called Hunch Punch. Jungle Juice may also be referred to as wop or spodie. When it is served at parties, all guests are expected to bring something to add to the concoction. All juices and sodas are acceptable but brown alcohols like whiskey and beer are not used. It has been suggested that the name Jungle Juice comes from the strength of the alcohol it contains that causes drinkers to act in an animal like manner. Other origins that have been suggested is that soldiers stationed in the jungle threw together any alcohol and drinks that they had to make a punch.

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