Will Sure-jell Help Me Pass A Lab Test?


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We an obvious assumption that nothing illegal has occurred,  one would want to "pass" a drug test only by "dilution",    Any whole healthy drink with HIGH concentrations of polysaccharides will in general pull across the transverse colon the larger molecules that "need to be gone".Timing this hours before the test and possibly repeated -- timing it and having one output of urine several hours before the test, and the drinking great amounts of H2O before the test, would result in more water than molecule making it to the test. (Urine Test).   There is nothing to do for any other type of test,  except go to a to a dialysis clinic to get your blood cleaned up -- or blood transfusion.
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No because it will make your creatine levels abnormally low which is automatically a positive drug test.  Your test will be negative for drugs, but the again the lab tests for creatine levels because when you use sure-jell or other flushing agents, the levels will be low and it will be obvious that you used those agents.  It used to work about 10 years ago, but they are "hip to the game" now!

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