Will Sure Jell Work On Marijuana Urine Test?


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Yes it works done it multiple times myself I just put two packets of sure gel in a half gallon of gatoraide take a multi vitamin to put some color in your piss wait about an hour piss 2 or three times before you report and your fine sure gel covers up everything not just thc
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I have tried it many times and passed it many times but there have been times I have failed too so you have to do it right I think that if you do it just right then you can pass it but the color thing is an issue I have ran into a lot of the times I have failed so just make sure that your clean and have color so buy a at home test before you try it and then make sure your clean also make sure you have color in to it as well.
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It will make you pass but THC will still be in your system. Heres the link: wiki.answers.com
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Green tea and golden seal. Drink lots and piss lots.
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I have only used sure-jell for passing drug tests.  I love to smoke and will until I die. :)  I have done the method different ways and passed every way.  I have drank the mixture within two hours of taking a test and have passed.  I have drank the mixture two days prior to taking a test and drank green tea and coffee to add the color to my urine and still passed.  I drank the mixture once and it showed that I had a bladder infection, and nothing else.  I am a firm believer that this stuff works.  Like they say, it is pectin...we can get the same benefits by adding any citrus fruit to our water.  Good luck to all!!

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I think the sure gel solution will not work for Marijuana Urine Test.The best way to completely get rid of it is to drink lots of fluids and also pass out lots of urine and sweating and it takes about a month for full removal.
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I've used the Sure Jell solution 3 times and it worked for me 2 out of 3 times. The third time I was on a limited amount of time and don't think I followed the procedure right. The other 2 times I had smoked the night before!

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