If You Sweat A Lot From Jogging Will Meth And Cocaine Leave Your System Faster?


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Absolutely not......even the 72 hour story is not always true.  The less hydrated you are the longer it seems to stay in your  system.   This is not an educated guess, it is an answer from experience.  Body fat holds THC. The mucous membranes and water in your body hold the derivatives of meth and coke.  Bottom line??  Don't chance it.  Sounds to me like jogging would send the same chemicals through your brain and increase your heartrate which could be a "deadly" combination.  Did you also know that Zantac...the drugstore medication for heartburn, will test you positive for meth?  Take it from an ol gal that wasted 1/2 her life and lost everything she loved.....Just Jog.....stop the dope!!!!

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