Do Opana And Percocet Show Up The Same On Drug Tests?


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I can't believe the previous posters answer. Percocet does not contain amphetamine, it contain acetomphen better known as tylenol. The trouble with these forums is people will answer anything when in reality they know little on the subject matter. I posted a question about why I would come up negative after taking my prescribed meds & someone answered me that "it takes 3-5 days to leave your system"! I had just stated I was negative after taking meds! Did he not read my question? If he didn't, then why did he answer it abiet incorrectly. I am an RN. If I don't know the answer I will either look it up or not post. I wish all would do the same!
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Percocet has oxycodone (opioid) and amphetamine while opana has oxymorphone which is also an opioid. So, these 2 drugs can come up as opioid.

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