How long does funky monkey spice stay in your system?


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Funky monkey spice lasts for approximately 72 hours in your system before it won't be detected by the usual drug tests. The effects of this will last a much shorter time than this and will differ depending on the amount and individual reactions.

This product is not intended to be used as an alternative to any medicine or drug including any street drug. It is not sold as a legal high, legal marijuana alternative or herbal high. The labels reflect that it is not intended for human consumption.

As with other similar substances, you should not under any circumstances use funky monkey spice for any purpose other than what it is intended. Even products which are sold legally can have adverse effects when they are misused. So called legal highs, are only legal because they have yet to be banned; there is (in theory) no difference between taking a 'legal high' and a banned substance. In the UK, legal high drugs are generally banned within 12 months.

It is thought that herbal highs if taken correctly will leave you without any of the nasty side effects that can be experienced with the illegal kind; they are naturally clean without the come down effects you may have experienced with chemicals. It is possible to drink alcohol with herbal highs but doing so can leave you feeling groggy, but that is the alcohol which would have been the case without the herbal stimulant.
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True but in states where it is legal it doesnt matter because they don't have testing in place for it.

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