I did half a gram of cocaine on Monday night/tuesday morning, had a drug test Friday morning, drank lots of water and peed a lot before, will I pass?


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Yes that much coke probally will show up. Cocain takes 3-4days to come out, everyone knows that. So much for the 6months thing the last person said, thats bull drink lots of water, I don't know how much you did last week or so, but most likely it will show up. Try to get someone elces if you can, urine. Just make sure it stays hot. Good luck
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miranda yeomans answered
You may have passed it. It can be out of the system in 48 hours sometimes. It depends on if your a regular user or not. Not a regular user could be 2-3 days for it to be gone. A regular user 3-5 days. It also depends on if its heavy use or not. Drinking a lot of water can help. Also cranberry pills B vitamins. Try something like emergen-c in your water 3-5 times a day for 1-3 days. Good luck.Oh and phhow active you are will effect how much drug shows up. I had a friend who had a test the day after taking percocete and it was negative because she drank a lot of water. One of her other tests showed a higher level of the drug when her usage was lower because shed gone hiking the day before.
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Traces of coke will show up as detectable traces of any drug can remain for up to 6 months after last usage and anything used to eliminate these traces is now showing up as a covering agent

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