How Can I Pass The Urine Test?


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The metabolite THC, found in marijuana is what a urine drug test will be detecting. THC can stay in your system anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. THC stores itself in fat cells. The rate that THC passes through your system completely depends on several factors: Your body fat percentage, how much you smoke, how often you smoke. For example, I smoke marijuana every time I go out partying. I party every other week-end. I am a chemist and run drug screens on my analyzer at work. I tested myself after 1 week and I was negative. Another time, I had not smoked in probably a month. A friend and I smoked 2 big joints one night. I made a bet with her that the next day I would go to work , test my urine, and that it would be negative. I won the bet!

Drinking large amounts of water does dilute your urine. However, if you are taking a DOT drug screen, where they seal and you sign....if the lab they send it to believes you have diluted the urine (tell by color) they will test it (in simple terms) for certain analytes that should be present in a non-diluted sample. I recommend.....drinking as much water as you can. Go to a store and by some vitamins, take them and still make sure you drink plenty of water. The day of testing, while still chugging that water, drink a large gatorade about twenty minutes before the test. After you drink the gatorade......try not to urinate until the test. The electrolytes from the gatorade will be in that last sample and if the reference lab test for metabolites in your urine.....there's the gatorade!!!!
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Cocaine stays in your system for 1-3 days, However a lot depends on how much you had and what is your body's metabolic rate. Drink plenty of fluids and it might help the drug in getting out of the system. Otherwise it would be detected and there is nothing you can do about it. There are a lot of drug kits out there but I would say they are just a farce and do nothing for you.
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The half life of cocaine is 1.5 hours, so it should be removed in three hours from the body. But cocaine has active metabolites which have their own excretion times. The single dose of cocaine is eliminated in three days from the body and it will take 90 days to eliminate from hair follicle. So tomorrow you will be positive for cocaine. No medicine is present in the market which increases the excretion of cocaine. Only claims of manufacturers.
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Okay what my friend does is drink like water and soda a lot and doesn't stop until he went to the bathroom like 15times even more good luck with that. Some of my other friends thought he was crazy and they did the same drugs and they all got to go in for a drug test like every 2 weeks!! And they always get caught! He passes perfectly but still got to do because of one not passing result
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Most  ppl I'm the U.S do drugs and I can tell you I use to and its not good for you but I can't tell you what to do but drugs are not worth rushing your life to pass a uruin test but all I can tell you is drink lots of water 15 mins. Before your test and pee a lot then when you take your test you will mainly be peeing water. But if you do take time to do drugs just be care fulll and think bout what your doing to yourself and what your putting into your system ok and the ones that don't good for you and plz don't start now!!! Love always Donna Nash be SAFE

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