I Smoked Marijuana Today But I Only Took 2 Hits And I Got Caught So I Have To Go For Drug Testing The Next Day. ., .. . . .will I Be Clean?


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Why did you take such a risk knowing you had this test coming? Anyway, unless you are a regular user of pot, you should have it cleared out within a day or two. If you smoked it a long time it could take up to 30 days to get out of your system. THC is a very potent drug and it acts like tar in your bloodstream.
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Well i got caught but they had no proof i smoked it thats why i have to take a test. .. . . Ive been drinking lots of water so far will i pass?
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Honey your out of luck if you are thinking you can flush it out of your system. No amount of water or anything else will speed the cleaning out any faster.
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Even with one time use, it still takes 3-10 days for weed to clear your system. If you use regularly, it will take 30-45 days to be clean. And chronic users, weed can stay in the system up to 90 days. No amount of water can speed the metabolic process up.
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No ...it's still in your system for 6 months at least in your hair
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Take 1 500 mg niacin pill a day with a gallon of water and you should pass the test, depending on your weight..and depending on your body fat..120-180lbs you should be good if your lean.

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