I Used To Smoke Marijuana Daily, However I Haven't For Over 2 Months & I Have Been Going To The Gym Frequently & Drinking A Lot Of Fluids. Do I Run A Risk Of Failing A Drug Test?


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It really depends, if you are getting a pee test then probably not. If its a hair test you will show positive. THC only builds in your fat, so going to the gym a lot is a real good idea. Drinking any kind of liquid wont do anything to you. But if you drink more you sweet more sl that's a plus to. I know some people who have passed drug tests in 20 some days, you could also try a clean up kit from any head shop if your nervous. 60 days should be enough, but everyone's body is different.
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While I admit the frequent exercise and fluids greatly up your chances, there is no guarantee. Much of your body fat stores the drugs you've used, though usually harder drugs, like crack and meth, and working out breaks the tracers down. Personally, though I don't smoke weed, I wouldn't risk it. 
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You should be clean now although I would not work out for  a few days before the test as it does store in you body fat and if you burn fat then it just releases in to your system. Stop smoking it now and then you wont have to worry about it anymore. Its time to grow up and enter the real world.
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There's a really low chance of you failing it as in&tbsp; you should be clean
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Ive watched my best friend smoke in the morning and pass a dip stick test that afternoon, you need too drink gallons of water, take niacin, vitamin b-12 and some cranberry extract and your golden.
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I have smoked a little less than an 1/8 a month since january. If I stop for 60 days you think ill pass. I'm 5'10 220. Ill also be doing insanity workout 6 days a week
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Your dumb weed stay in system for 30 to 45 days
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You're all dumb I'm doing the same thing and havent smoked for 60 days and still failing drug tests...
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Pot stay's in your system for 6months.But,you can try Goldenseal root & drink Gallon's of water for a few day's-worked for me.good luck!

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