Can A Drug Test Tell The Last Time You Smoked Marijuana?


4 Answers

Krystal DeLaRosa Profile
They will just know that you used.. They won't know when.There would be no way to determine when exactly you used. Even with testing the levels, they wouldn't be able to tell that.
mike stockton Profile
mike stockton answered
It can but it is expensive. More often they will just test for the presence of a drug. They will then know approximately when you used the drug depending on the type of test eg blood or urine.
jack martin Profile
jack martin answered
Can a hair folicle test tell when you last used opiates? Or does it just tell you you used in the last 90 days?  Does it tell levels of use?
sandra Profile
sandra answered
Yes, approximately. They can measure the amount of nanoparticlesand based on the amount can estimate your last use.

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