How Long Is Marijuana Detectable In Urine Tests?


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The length of time that marijuana is detectable in urine tests varies from person to person, so unfortunately there isn't a definitive answer to your question.

However, it generally depends on how much marijuana you have consumed, how often on average you use cannabis, and your body's natural rate of metabolism.

How long is marijuana detectable in urine?
  • If you only smoke cannabis very occasionally, then it is likely that a urine screening will only be able to detect THC (the active ingredient within cannabis) up to about a week after you first used it. This increases dramatically if you smoke marijuana more regularly.
  • For example, if you use marijuana on average two to four times per month, then traces of THC could still be found in your urine up to eighteen days later.
  • If you smoke cannabis two to four times per week, then you could fail a urine test a month later.
  • Smoking marijuana five to six times per week will mean that THC is still in your urine almost forty eight days later.
  • Using cannabis daily may mean that THC traces could be detected in urine up to three months later.
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It can be detected as long as 30 days but most of the time if you drink a lot of water to flush your system it will not be detected after 14 days.
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THC is detectable up to 30 days in your urine . The more sugar you consume the longer it takes to get out of your bladder .

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