How Long Is Spice Detected In Urine?


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There is no definitive answer as to how long spice remains in the system and can be detected through urine. There are a number of variables involved in answering such a question with the results varying from person to person.

The main factors that determine the answer are the metabolism of the person, the quantity and purity of the spice and the general health of the user. Using drugs is illegal in most countries with the effect of these drugs split into three main components which are picked up in drug/urine tests. A general rule of thumb is that these types of drugs will remain detectable in your system for 72 hour although the time can vary from person to person.

The individual effect and detection of spice will vary depending on factors such as age, sex and weight. Combining those issues with the purity of the spice and the general well-being of the individual can result in noticeably different results occurring from person to person using the same quantities of spice.

Using spice carries far more risks than simply a concern over how long it will take before it is 'washed' through your system and unable to be detected in a urine test. Using any illegal or unprescribed drugs carries major and far reaching health risks which provide you with no comeback.

If you decide to use spice you should minimize the risk by obtaining it from as reliable and trustworthy sources as possible, although every purchase and consignment carries risk. By purchasing from a 'reliable' source you can hope to minimize the possibility of getting a bad batch but the long term damage caused by these products are difficult to assess and for your own health and welfare it is best to reduce or end your intake.

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