How Long Does Haldol Stay In Your System?


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Haloperidol (Haldol) is an anti-psychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic states such as delirium. The brand names of haloperidol include Aloperidin, Bioperidolo, Brotopon, Dozic, Duraperidol (Germany), Einalon S, Eukystol,Haldol, Halosten, Keselan, Linton, Peluces, Serenace, Serenase, and Sigaperidol. Side effects of Haldol can include dry mouth, lethargy, restlessness of akathisia, muscle-stiffness, muscle-cramping, restlessness, tremors, Rabbit syndrome, and weight-gain. The amount of time Haldol takes to go through the system depends on the dosage you have taken. This can depend on how serious your condition is:

  • Acute problems
  • Chronic conditions
  • Experimental doses
  • Overdose
Acute problems usually involve single doses of 1mg to 5mg orally every 4 to 6 hours. The drug can also be administered via an IV injection. This usually involves 5 to 10 mg as a single dose and must not exceed 50mg daily. To completely go through the system would take approximately 24 hours for acute problems.

Chronic conditions are classed as daily oral doses of 0.5mg to 20mg. This can take anywhere between 6 hours and a few days to go through the system, depending on the dosage consumed.

Experimental doses between 300mg and 500mg daily may be taken in conjunction with an anticholinergic antiparkinsonian drug such as Biperiden and Benzatropine. Taking so much Haldol has been known to result in hypotension and severe cardiac arrhythmias. When taking this amount expect to wait a few days to go through the system.

Overdoses of Haldol, usually given when there is presence of acute poisoning, are higher than therapeutic doses. Accidental overdoses are fairly rare because only certified medical staff are allowed to administer high levels of Haldol to patients. When an overdose of Haldol is taken it is best to seek medical advice immediately and expect several days for the drug to go through your system.

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