How Long Does Levothyroxine Stay In Your System?


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Levothyroxine can take anywhere up to three months to fully clear from your system. The drug can take several weeks to start working after you begin taking it and you should never suddenly stop having the medication.

Many patients who have been administered Levothyroxine will be required to take it for the rest of their lives, and the longer that the medication has been taken for, the longer traces of it will stay in the system.

There are a number of different varieties of Levothyroxine, so if the pills look slightly different to usual it is recommended that you check with your doctor that this variety will work for you. Any questions and concerns about Levothyroxine should be expressed to a professional who will be able to advise you correctly and officially.

  • Taking Levothyroxine
It is important that when taking Levothyroxine it is swallowed with a large glass of water. The pill can dissolve extremely quickly and expand in the throat, causing choking. The medicine should be taken at the same time each day, preferably in the morning.

If a dosage of Levothyroxine is missed, you should take it as soon as you remember. Do not take an extra dosage to make up for the missed one and if it is nearly the time to take your next dose, do not take the missed one as well.

  • Levothyroxine information
Levothyroxine is a medication administered to patients who have a thyroid that does not produce enough hormones. These hormones are required to regulate the body's energy and metabolism and it is essential that the levels are kept at a steady and regular rate.

Taking Levothyroxine is a procedure that must follow doctor's orders. Stopping taking the medication without being told to do so can have serious side effects on the body.

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