If I Smoked Marijuana Last Night Will Q-carbo Dietary Supplement Work For A Urine Drug Test Today?


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As you know yourself, the best way to be sure is not to do the drugs.  I did my share of the drugs when I was young and now I watch my kids strugel even after I was honest and up front with them on my own past.  You can't fool a drug test and you can't fool your self.  Eventually your going to have to stop doing the drugs on your own, which I did cold turkey, because I wanted to be healthy and have a family or you will either stop by jail, heart failure or death!  That's no way to go out.  Go on your terms, you make the right decision.  You have to be strong because it's one of the hardest things you will ever do.  If you have a dependent nature you must stay away from addictive substances'.  I'm not a nerd and I'm not perfect.  I like a little lift every once in a while and I think it should be legalized.  It's no different then beer or a mix drink.  But it sounds like you need a little help.  Look to GOD,  he will give you the strength you need not for just this but at anytime in your life.


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