How Good Does Gatorade And Sure-jell Work Regarding Passing A Urine Drug Test?


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Listen people I know sure-jell works I passed a dip stick test by useing a 32 oz gatorade and sure jell so I know 4 a fact it works
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Trust me you can't fool a well trained screening technician they have the products to add that separates everything even if it is drug free urine they can tell if there is a infection or any liquid added that is their job and they do it well...the best to you
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I can't believe that people are still telling those stories about stuff you can take or drink to beat a urine test. You really can't beat a urine test unless you buy something from a company that makes stuff to beat drug tests. You can find them on-line but they are expensive and you have to live in a state that allows you to have it shipped . I live in New Jersey and I would not be allowed to have it delivered to my house.  Time is the only way to clean out your system. Don't believe all these stories that are out there    those people are just going to get you caught.
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It doesn't, you will get caught.  Run away to Canada.  Listen to southern rock and become a logger.  This way when you do stupid $#!t there's not as many people for you to harm.

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