Does Blue Lotus Show Up On A Drug Test?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

This all depends on how much Blue Lotus you have. Unfortunately, it can show as an opiate if you have a large amount, but if we're talking about one-off recreational use, then it's unlikely your Blue Lotus use will show up on a tox screen.

Another important factor is how long after use does the drug test take place?

If you're worried that it will show up on your drug test, I think I may have a solution that could help:

As Blue Lotus does not appear to be illegal (though that will depend what country you live in), and is readily available to purchase on the internet (with international shipping... which I find surprising) my advice would be to be up front about it, and tell the people testing you that you have taken this substance.

Rather than making it sound like a drug you were taking recreationally though, you can tell them that you have consumed it as a tea, or even worn perfume that contains the substance.

Both are perfectly feasible and legal, and so if there is any sign of the substance in your test, you can explain it away without arousing suspicion.

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