Does Mr. Nice Guy Show Up On A Drug Test?


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No, the "legal" high substance known as Mr Nice Guy does not appear on a drugs test.

Recently two teenagers who smoked the substance in America were hospitalised, and at least one of them had a seizure and serious breathing difficulties as a result of smoking the "incense".

Will Mr Nice Guy show up on a drug test?

  • Nobody seems to know what this incense is actually made of, and the company who produces it does not want to comment on its own product.
  • Mr Nice Guy is similar to other popular legal highs on the market at the moment, such as: Spice, Black Mamba and K2.
  • The product is usually sold by the gram, and is almost exclusively available on the internet.
  • Blood and urine tests show no signs of illegal substances, alcohol or narcotics.
  • In 2009, there were 14 reported cases of Mr Nice Guy causing serious medical problems in the United States. By 2010 this figure had risen to 2,862.
  • The legal high has been known to cause problems such as vomiting, rapid heart rate, very high blood pressure, seizures and hallucinations.

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