I Used To Smoke Crack Everyday Then I Stopped On Smoked On Tuesday And Thursday Will I Pass A Urine Test On Tuesday?


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Maybe.... Std is 7 days, but if you a real fiend there are going to be metabolites.
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There is a bit of misinformation out there that cocaine is out of the system in 2-3 days. Well while that might be true LABS DON'T TEST FOR THE DRUG ITSELF. They look for the metabolite benzoylecgonine that will stay around long after the drug is gone, up to 30 days for a frequent user. THE DRUG ITSELF can stay in your bloodstream up to 72 hours. It can stay in your urine for about 1 or up to 3 days after single use. Habitual or chronic use can be detected in urine for up to 12 weeks depending on quantity, duration, and frequency of use. So it really depends on how long you smoked daily for and how long you were clean before smoking again.

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