What Is The Best Way To Store A Urine Sample For Future Drug Testing?


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The best thing to do is get a clean sample from someone if the same sex, get a thermal mug and boil some water, keep the urine in a smaller container that will seal tight so you  can put it inside the thermal mug on your way to the drug test. This will keep it above body temperature, when you arrive at the testing location take the urine out of the water and hide it where ever you can. It should stay plenty warm while you wait. Then when you go back dump the clean urine in the sample container they gave you. Be sure to look at the temperature before you give it to them. If its too hot still simply put the bottom in the toilet water to cool it down to where it needs to be. This always works for me
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this is great advice but most people have sum1 watching them take the test honestly the best thing to do is get the pee room temp then FEMALES get it up inside and give it 45 min to an hour and it will be body temp you dont have to worry if it is up there longer the longer the better GUYS yall are a little trickier but whatever piss your taking with you put it in a condom or however you do it and keep it either in between your butt cheeks or keep it tightly in between you legs you may wanna get it a little above room temp so you can keep it warm while your waiting to see ur PO doctor boss whoever is doing the test BUT ONLY GUYS NOT GIRLS YALL ARE FINE WITH DOING IT HOW I TOLD YOU ABOVE

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