What Fluids Help Flush Out Your System Before A Drug Test?


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If you are talking about weed the one thing that works is go to any GMC store and get some NIACIN pills. Warning--- Do not get the capsules but actual hard pills. Believe me the capsules do not work!!!! Trust me on this you will be fine. You said you smoked three weeks ago.. I would just take 3 or four to be on the safe side and drink 2 gallons of water. I usually drink one and I am fine. You don't have anything to worry about dear. Take my word on it. Be prepared for taking a piss every ten minutes and your body burning and tingling :))))
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Cranberry juice is the best thing to drink. It will help.. Won't get drugs out overnight though.
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Goldenseal tea. You won\'t find it premixed it is in the health food store. It tastes terrible but it really does work. It has detoxifying properties. Drinking a gallon of water is a good idea. But a gallon of golden seal is far better and more effective. If it is THC You are trying to flush; Now people will be skeptical of this but trust me Avoid drinking electrolyte drinks. Electrolytes can make thc linger in your body for much longer than average time frame. I wefas told this by a doctor at a rehab facility. Also take milk thistle. Either and pill form or tea as it helps the liver do its job. Juniper Berry ( Found in select health food stores) Helps the kidneys process faster. But the real winner is exercise! I have heard of mini ufc fighters that smoke 2 days before a bout
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One fluid is not "better" as opposed to another. It's your body's natural functions that have to expel the drugs.
Some drugs hover around in your body for quite a while.
Some drugs get flushed out naturally in your urine. It's the nature of the drug, how it is stored in your body, your metabolism, your age, etc.

Plain, clear, water, assists your metabolism digest food. Also, good exercise and NOT doing drugs in the first place. Don't bother trying to "hide" drugs using pills or other drugs -- because they can detect that.

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