How Long Can Drugs Remain In A Hair Sample?


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If you are asking the question you will need to shave your head. You will fail that test. As far as a UA coke stays 3 days, opiates 2-3 days, pot 30 days, some pills can stay and test pos for months. Also some rare people can test positive for life depends on the liver.
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For a UA they say for up to 30 days but I think I have heard of hair samples it stays in it longer and that is why some places are switching to the hair samples for testing because it is most accurate and stays in longer.  Good luck.
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Depends on the drug man, narcotics can stick around for 7 years plus. :(
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For as long as you keep your hair.
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Shaving you head wont help, as samples can be taken from chest,arm pits,legs or any place else.usually, only 1.5 in is all they need to detect back 90 days. Isn't science wonderful? The longer the hair, the further back they can go, as the drug remains trapped in the hair.
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Until you chop it all off and start clean. It will be in your hair forever, that's why there so expensive and used in big cases and what not
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They stay in your hair up to 50 days and at the time there on your head your head might get dandrif

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