In terms of drug blood tests, how can I stay clean after using shabu?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

Staying clean for a blood drugs test will depend on many factors such as how long you have been using Shabu, your age, general fitness, etc. And most importantly, when you last used the drug!

Blood drugs tests are far more thorough than urine ones, and the detection rate is very short, so if you have been using shabu recently, it will probably show up unfortunately.

It is not uncommon for a urine test to be carried out at the same time as the blood test too, sorry to have to tell you that.

There are many products online that are said to mask the evidence of drugs like shabu with regards to testing, but most of them are useless, as the people testing for drugs are wise to these products and will fail you for cheating if they detect them in your system.

However, there is a solution I've heard a lot about called "Instant Clean", and it can be used along with a product by the same company, called PreCleanse. You can find them both on Amazon, among other places.

Now, both products have very mixed reviews, so it is totally up to you whether you think it is worth a try. I guess you have nothing to lose if you have taken shabu, as it will definitely show up in your system (it's a derivative of crystal meth, or methamphetamine - one of the most widely used and tested-for drugs in the world.)

I guess whichever way you go there will be a risk, but I hope you can pass your test, and please try to stay off the shabu, at least until after the test!

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