Will A Probation Officer Send You To Jail For Failing A Drug Test?


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Tiffany answered
Depends on how nice your P.O. Is. Normally they give you a chance to come clean and tell them hey look I'm Dirty. Then they will give you the test , and let you know yes, you did fail. If they ask, and you know for s ure that you are going to fail, just tell them. B/c if you lie, than more than likely your going to piss th em off. Some P.Os take every given chance to send someone to jail, others would rather the honesty than a ride to the closest jail. But if it keeps going on, then he/she will have no other choice but to sendu back.
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nettie answered
The probation officer certainly reports the findings to the judge handling your case and yes jail maybe recommended...good luck
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They definantly could if they wanted to because this is a violation of your probation. I've found that the best thing to do is be honest with your p.o. If you have to give a urine and know it will be dirty, just let them know you messed up and it is going to come out dirty. A cool p.o. Will most likely give you a 2nd chance and not violate you. If you don't say anything and give a dirty urine, chances are they will put you in jail.

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