How Long Does Speed Stay In Your System?


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The typical duration for amphetamines to stay in the blood stream once they have been consumed is around one to two days. However - this does vary depending on the state of the person who is consuming the substance. As well as this, there is the factor of the frequency at which the substance is being consumed and how much of it also.

Although the substance itself will stay in the system for around two days, the effects will often wear off after around six hours. Of course - this depends on the strength of the amphetamine that is being taken and other factors such as: The person's health, any other substances that are there (alcohol, nicotine) and the person's state of mind.

The substance can be consumed orally or can also be injected into the body. It is suggested that the high one gets from amphetamines is felt much quicker and for longer if the drug is injected directly into the blood stream.

  • Who takes it?

The drug is particular popular for people who are often visiting clubs and have a very hectic nightlife. It gives people a peaking high of feeling very alert and very awake as well as very sociable and excited. However - this high is followed by an extremely long and resounding low once the effects have worn off.

It is very likely that people can get addicted to amphetamines due to the feeling that it gives to those who use it. Not only that, but the dosage and strength often need to increase for people as they seek higher and higher highs.

  • Consequences of abusing illegal substances

It is important to remember that possession, consumption and distribution of this drug is illegal and anyone caught doing so will be dealt with accordingly by law enforcement.
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Speed is a form of amphetamine. It takes one to two days for urine, 90 days for hair, and 24 hours for a blood test.
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I want to know if your trying to get pregnant and your boyfriend had snorted a couple of lines on the weekend and hasnt used how likely it is to affect the baby??
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That depends entirely on how much you took, how often you imbibe how old you are, what kind of shape you are in etc: More info is needed to answer you.
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Depends on what your talking about . A hair test can find it up to ninety days after use......and it depends on the dosage and how long you have been taking it...
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I'd imagine it would be different for everybody as we all react differently to drugs but at least a day till your body gets back to normal.

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