If I Add Water To My Urine Will I Pass A Drug Test?


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I passed tho n I added a little water but I don't do no drugs so how did I pass
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Water only dilutes and they'll make you retest. Anything else added WILL be detected. Trust me on this. Bleach and vinegar may mask drugs butt they'll detect those and just make you retest and they'll know you are trying to hide something so if it's for a d.o.t. Test they'll put an observer in the bathroom with you to make sure you don't cheat and they'll make sure they test at a lower rating level.
go to they have some info there on drug testing that's factual, not these b.s. Rumors about drinking bleach that have been floating around for years.
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No. It will come out diluted and could still be positive for drugs.
SIVAH. ADHARSH. answered

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