I Took Some Lortab Yesterday. I Have A Drug Test Tomorrow - Will I Pass It?


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Unfortunately you most probably will not pass the test, as Lortab is a substance which can cause false positives on standard drug screenings.

The result will also depend on the quality of the sample and the laboratory.

Lortab is an opiod analgesic and therefore may be flagged as an opiate, which is one of the substances screened for in a ten panel drug test.
You should notify the technician and the laboratory that you have taken Lortab, and if possible obtain a doctor's note and prescription to prove this. This will show the laboratory that there is a possibility that your test may have a false positive in the results.

Will Lortab test positive on a drug screening?
  • Lortab is a combination of Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, which is part of a family of drugs called opiod pain relievers. This family is sometimes also known as narcotics.
  • Lortab is medication which is used to relieve moderate to severe pain, and is sometimes also used as an antitussive to treat a bad cough.
  • The medication is available in tablet, capsule and syrup form and is in most cases administered orally.

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