I Bang Meth And Have A Drug Test Tomorrow. Will Strip NC Complete Body Cleanser Work?


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No. Not by tomorrow. Your best bet is to lay off for the day if possible. Drink a lot of much water as you can without getting sick. Pee as much as possible.

Then, when you go in to get tested, make sure that they know you have sinusitis and you take a pseudo-ephedrine based nasal decongestant that has made you test positive on a drug test previously.

If you had 72 hours and could go without it for 72 hours, you could most likely pass 90% of the test out there. Usually, these tests are checking for Pot--Meth is a hard one to isolate. Especially in the presence of other medicines that contain pseudo-ephedrine or guaffenicin (sp?)

You might also check the Vaults of Erowid for unbiased educational materials about Meth.

If your employer is looking to pin you as a meth user (rather than a general screening), you should look for a new job. These tests are highly subjective and if they want a positive reading, they will get one.

A more comprehensive test that checks blood sugar levels and cortisol levels can be used to show that your system is affected by meth. This test can be done months after you quit. Other than that, your body metabolized meth in 72 hours. So presumably, after 72 hours without it (and with lots and lots of water), you could pass the test.

Good luck. Drug-testing sucks and is such a violation of personal liberty. You should consider a new job that isn't so interested in how you spend your free time.

Hope this info helps,jase

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