Will Wellbutrin Show Up On A Drug Test?


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Only if they are looking for it and what the doctor orders for the test. See urine drug test have many different products and they vary in price depending on what they are looking to see. For example most employment drug screens usually only test for illegal drugs cocaine meth marijuana etc. These tests are cheap and usually are all a agency will use and be satisfied. Now there are expensive tests which will pick up not only illegal drugs but legal prescribed narcotic pain killers etc: As for wellbutrin I doubt that would be a drug of concern unless they want to find that drug to make sure you take it as you are supposed to, but once again this test would be expensive as they need special ingredients in the test procedure that will show metabolites from wellbutrin in your urine that are binding or reacting to the tests ingredients.A last thought for the whole urine testing industry. The main focus is always to look for illegal and legal drugs of abuse that in the case of say oxycontin it is a legally prescription med. But if it is not prescribed for you you are then considered abusing a drug you accquired thru illegal means all disqualifying you for whatever the test was meant to clear you for.  Final tip if you go for a urine test    Make sure you list all precription meds. You take and also over the counter meds you take such as aspirin etc: Wellbutrin will not show up on a test unless that med or that med family of drugs is specifically targeted. Hope this answer helped  PAULROBUD

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